This is a comprehensive list of contributors in print since 2007. Click on a name to see what that person is up to now. Click on a title to buy the magazine issue or book. If you are one of these artists and there is no link to your name or if you would like us to link your name to a different site, drop us a line:

Jennifer Abbott White: Mêlée NO. 1

Jon Ballard: Mêlée NO. 2

Amiri Baraka: Mêlée NO. 1

Kaj Anderson-Bauer: Mêlée Live NO. 1

J. R. Bouchard: Mêlée Live NO. 1

RT Castleberry: Mêlée NO. 2

Jen Coleman: Mêlée Live NO. 1

Steve Davenport: Mêlée NO. 1

Kevin Finn: Mêlée Live NO. 1

Linda Frost: Mêlée NO. 1

Alyson Greenfield: Mêlée NO. 2

Beth Gylys: Mêlée NO. 2

Rich Hamilton: Mêlée NO. 1

Laurie Harrison: Mêlée NO. 1

Bob Haslam: Mêlée NO. 2

Michael Heffernan: Mêlée NO. 1

Sy Hoahwah: Mêlée NO. 1, the MFA Monthly NO. 1, Night Cradle

Lisa Holmes: Mêlée NO. 1Mêlée NO. 2

MC Hyland: Mêlée NO. 2

H.R. Johnson: Mêlée NO. 1

Richard Kostelanetz: Mêlée NO. 1

Amy KingMFA Monthly NO. 2

Travvis Largent: Mêlée NO. 1, An Alice and A Bob

Lyn Lifshin: Mêlée NO. 1

Monica Rose Magnan: Mêlée NO. 2

Maurice Manning: Mêlée NO. 2

Davis McCombs: Mêlée NO. 1

Christopher Murphy: the MFA Monthly NO. 1

Nolen Otts: Mêlée NO. 2 (Cover)

Rebecca Pappas: the MFA Monthly NO. 1 (Cover)

Kenneth Pobo: Mêlée NO. 2

Elizabeth Quinn: MFA Monthly NO. 2

Jess Quinlan: Mêlée Live NO. 1

Daniel Robbins: the MFA Monthly NO. 1

Ed Sanders: Mêlée NO. 2Mêlée Live NO. 1

Jacob Shores-ArgüelloMêlée NO. 1,  Mêlée NO. 2

Todd B. Stevens: Mêlée Live NO. 1

Sara Jeanine Smith  Queen and Stranger

Barrett Travis: Mêlée Live NO. 1 (Cover)Songs For Margaret Cravens (Cover), the MFA Monthly NO. 2 (Cover)

Adam Vines: Mêlée NO. 2

Cary Waterman: Mêlée NO. 2

Jessica Wickens: Mêlée NO. 2

Paul White: Mêlée NO. 1

Chris Wong: Songs For Margaret CravensMFA Monthly NO. 2


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