What’s the deal with USPOCO BOOKS?

USPOCO BOOKS is the label under which us poetry company publishes books and magazines of literature and art.

Company Overview

USPOCO BOOKS is a non-profit publishing company. A fresh approach to publishing for a new generation of writers.
USPOCO BOOKS is a division of us poetry company, an improvisational  performing, and teaching, troupe of poets, writers and other artists working to introduce communities to art and art to communities, as well as to find out exactly what 21st century American art is made of.
us poetry company was founded at the University of Arkansas on April 1st, 2009 in Fayetteville, Arkansas by Chris and Rebecca Pappas, along with a talented group of students, colleagues and friends. Chris Pappas resigned in May from a full-time Lecturer position with the Department of English. And us poetry company began touring on May 22, 2009.


Mêlée Live, a multimedia magazine of poetry, politics and art published three times a year.

Mêlée Live is the descendant of Mêlée magazine (co-created and co-edited by poets Chris Pappas and Lisa Holmes), which quickly (and briefly) got the attention of the inside/outside poetry community in 2007 with a de-emphasis of credentials and a re-emphasis on poetry performance and inclusive, relevant content.

Mêlée Live Pocket Edition, only the most essential “creative” content from Mêlée Live in a portable Edition.

BLUE CHIP WRITERS, an annual anthology of the best poetry from America’s most promising high school-aged poets (15-18). This anthology was developed and is edited by high-school aged poets.


The YOU SHOULDA NEVER GAVE US A LABEL TOUR kicks off in Central Park on Saturday afternoon, March 19th . We will be touring the Northeast and Midwest this spring. The tour moves back to Cali in late May!
(email for more details: uspocobooks@gmail.com)

BLABBER KITCHEN, an internet variety show which focuses on poetry conversation and poetry performance. Blabber Kitchen features interviews with and performances from some well-known poets and artists and the best emerging poets in the country. The show can be viewed on ManuFacturedArtists. com.

Blog: ManuFacturedArtists.com

ManuFactured Artists, a multi-media blog which publishes regular editorials and features on poetry, politics and art from various artists, as well as poetry performances and collaborations in audio and video formats. Contributors may also choose to publish anonymously or under a site-assigned alias. If you have something to say, drop as a line at uspocobooks@gmail.com and tell us what it is.


The Observer, a student newspaper soon to be available to any school nationwide.




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