EDVID: What on earth is Black Mountain College?

“What on earth is Black Mountain College?” is a 10 minute film of an on-site interview (2011) with, Program Director of the Black Mountain College Museum+Arts Center, Alice Sebrell. The interview is conducted by poet, Chris Pappas.

Pappas is the Managing Editor of Mêlée Live and the Co-Founding Editor of USPOCO BOOKS, with his wife, Rebecca Pappas.

This is the first video in the new EDVID Series, a line of educational videos on the arts to be produced by USPOCO BOOKS and distributed by uspoco pirate video.

“What on earth is Black Mountain College” is meant to briefly introduce Black Mountain College to students high school age and up. This video is suitable to be used in college classrooms or by homeschooling parents, as well.

The interview gives a brief history of the college, as well as a context for its formation, its existence and its closure. There is also some discussion of how the idea of Black Mountain College still remains, and permeates the worlds of American art, poetry and beyond to this day. Even those already familiar with the history and purpose of Black Mountain College may find something new of use here.

The video may be embedded  on any website and distributed as needed for educational purposes.

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The Editors